General Microsoft FrontPage User Information

  • What version of FrontPage do you support?
    If you wish to publish with FrontPage, then we will need to install FrontPage 2002 Extensions in your account. This is a free service. FrontPage 2002 Extensions supports older versions of FrontPage (FP2000, FP98).
  • How do I get FrontPage extensions installed?
    You can install and uninstall FrontPage extensions using the FrontPage tool in the Control Panel IIS Manager
  • How do I connect to my site with FrontPage?
    1. Open FrontPage, and then under the "File" menu, select "Open Web..."
    2. For "Folder Name", type in your URL (e.g., "")
    3. Click "Open"
    4. Type in your Username and Password
    5. Click "OK"
  • Are there any precautions I should be aware of when using FrontPage?
    If you choose to publish using FrontPage, we recommend that you do not use any other program to transfer files to your web site via FTP (WSFTP, etc.). It is possible for your FrontPage extensions to become corrupt, which may affect the functionality of your web site. In these cases, you may need to reinstall FrontPage extensions and re-upload your web site.
  • I see some directories/files in my account that look like _vti_*. I never uploaded them. Can I delete them?
    When you install FrontPage extensions, some new directories/files are installed in your account. Do not delete the _vti_* files. Deleting these directories/files will break your site.
  • My Web Bots are not working. What do I do?
    This happens sometimes when moving sites from one computer to another. Try to delete and recreate the bots on our servers.
  • Why does FrontPage timeout when connecting to my site?
    The most probable cause is a connectivity problem with your ISP.
  • Where can I get more information about FrontPage?
    You can get more information on FrontPage from the Microsoft web site.
  • My web site was created using FrontPage Express or Web Publishing Wizard and it doesn't work. What's wrong?
    FrontPage 2002 Extensions does not work with FrontPage Express or Web Publishing Wizard. Microsoft has dropped support for both FrontPage Express and Web Publishing Wizard. Therefore, you will have to upgrade to FrontPage 2002.

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