General WebHostForASP.NET Mail Server Information

WebHostForASP.NET provides all customers with access to send and receive internet email using their domain name. To do this you will need to configure the email client on your computer to use the servers following the conventions detailed here.

Mail Server Hostname Convention
We will use the domain name "" for the example domain name. You should replace "" with the domain name you have setup with your hosting account. By creating these default DNS records it eliminates the need for our customers to memorize a specific hostname off of the WebHostForASP.NET domain name.

POP3 Server Hostname:
IMAP Server Hostname:
SMTP Server Hostname:

POP & Imap Login Name Convention
The login name for logging into your POP and IMAP accounts follow the convention of being the full email address, not just the user name. For example you create the POP account with the email address of ""The proper login name is ""  not "user". You must use the full email address as the login name. 

You can access web mail through

Mailbox Quota Size
All customer mailboxes are the same size by default, 200 MB.

Maximum Email Message Size
All messages incoming, and outgoing are limited to 10 MB, including the size of the attachment.
Note: Even though the server can send and receive email up to 10 MegaBytes in size, the size of an email you can receive is limited to available space in your mailbox.
Note: The maximum attachment size through webmail is 2 MegaBytes.

SMTP Authentication (POP-Before-SMTP)
The WebHostForASP.NET mail servers use a method commonly referred to as POP-Before-SMTP to authenticate access to send email through our SMTP server. This means that in order for a customer to send an email through the SMTP server they must first check their mail via POP/IMAP first. Most modern email clients do they by default, or offer special settings to follow this convention.
Note: WebHostForASP.NET uses this to restrict non-WebHostForASP.NET customers from being able to send email, and abuse the smtp server. Without this spammers could access the SMTP server and spam from it.

More Information
Customers should access the mail servers using the hostname's detailed below, accessing them via the IP addresses they resolve to is highly unadvised. The hostname convention will not change, the IP addresses they point to however could change for many reasons. Using the hostnames removes the need to update your settings if the IP addresses were to ever change.

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