How to publish my website to your server.

You can publish your website to our server in few different ways.

1. Via FTP

Download FTP Client such as WSFTP, Cute FTP and SmartFTP. We recommend you to use SmartFTP and you can download it from
Fill in all the information such as the hostname, username and password and press connect to connect to our FTP server.
Once connected, you should be able to see all the domainname folder.
Click on the folder and browse until you find public_html folder.
Upload all your website data into public_html folder.
After finished uploading, you can test your site directly by open the URL in web browser

2. Via FrontPage

To upload your site via FrontPage, you need to have tools that support FrontPage Extension capability.
Few of the tools that support FrontPage is Visual Studio, Microsoft FrontPage , Macromedia Dreamweaver.

First step that you need to do before transferring your site using FrontPage is you need to enable FrontPage Extension for your website. You can do this by clicking on IIS Manager from control panel.

After you have finished enabling the FrontPage, open the authoring tools and start publish your site using the tools.

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