What is the steps I need to do to transfer my website from other hosting provider

Follow the steps below to transfer your website from other hosting provider.

  1. Sign up with our hosting plans and fill in the domain name in the order page that you like to transfer.
  2. Logon to Control Panel, Click on the IIS manager to find the temporary URL information.
  3. Upload all your site data to our server, test your site by browsing to temporary URL
  4. Once everything is OK, then you need to find out who is your domain registrar(company that register your domain name)
  5. Normally your domain registrar will provide you with the control panel that allow you to change the nameserver.
  6. Logon to the domain control panel and Change the primary nameserver to ns1.webhostforasp.net and secondary to ns2.webhostforasp.net
  7. The nameserver transfer will normally take between 24-48 hours and during this time,please do not terminate your old hosting account to ensure no downtime for your website
  8. Try to ping your domain name and see if the domain name has point to our IP Address.
    You can find out the IPAddress for your domain by logon to control panel and click on IIS Manager.
  9. If the IPAddress match, then your website has been transferred to our server and you can now safely terminate your old hosting account.

Please note that we will provide free webhosting transfer from your old provider to us. It is FREE and we guarantee no downtime for your website during the transfer.

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