What steps do I need to take to get my domain transferred from another hosting company?

To transfer the domain from another hosting company to us is easy.

Below is the steps on how to proceed with the domain name transfer

  1. Find out who is your domain registrar (Company that register your domain name for you.)
  2. Login to the control panel of the domain. Normally the registrar will give you a control panel to manage the domain name.
  3. Try to find the option or menu that allow you to change the nameservers. You should be able to find this quite easily.
  4. Change the primary nameserver to ns1.webhostforasp.net and secondary name server to ns2.webhostforasp.net.

If you have any difficulties in transferring the domain name, please create support ticket from control panel, and we will guide you for free.
We also provide free file and data transfer from your old hosting provider to our server for free.

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