How To Upgrade/Downgrade Instant Web Package

Step to Upgrade / Downgrade Instant Website Package on

1. Access
. Login using your username and password

3. Click "My Services"
4. Click "View Details" of your instant web package that you want to upgrade/downgrade
5. Scroll down until you found "Upgrade/Downgrade" button and click it
6. Choose the new instant web package
7. Choose the billing cycle (min 3 months)

Quarterly = 3 months
Semi-Annually = 6 months
Annually = 12 months
Biennially = 24 months
Triennially = 36 months

8. Click "Click to continue"
9. Choose the payment method: Bank Tansfer, Credit Card, Credit Card (Paypal)
10. Click "Click to continue"
11. You will receive the invoice to proceed the payment
12. Finished

Please contact our Sales Representative or Technical Support, through
Live Chat, Email, dan Support Ticket or Billing Ticket
We support 24/7

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