What does it mean by transferring domain name registrar?

Domain registrar usually means a company that handle the domain registration and domain renewal for your domain name.

We are also a domain registrar for few type of domain such as .com,.net,.org,.biz,.info and etc. For Full details, please visit http://domain.webhost4asp.com

We are not domain registrar for country level domain such as .com.au,.co.uk,.com.my.
However you can host the country level domain by changing the name server to our nameserver.
We can host any type of domain.

Transferring domain registrar means that you are changing the domain registrar and  to change the domain registrar from us to other provider or from other provider to us, you need to have a secret key.
You can obtain your domain secret key by login to control panel at http://domain.webhost4asp.com

Once you have transfer the domain registrar, you will be dealing with that company for the domain renewal and DNS management for your domain name.

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